Web Design

We offer a complete range of web design functions, all styled to provide the owner and user a complete and effective service.

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Web Hosting

Mightec will also host your website, you are not dealing with a one-man band, we are a reseller of a major hosting company.

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Mightec Innovative Design hosting platform is heavily performance tuned for hosting virtually any PHP / MySQL powered application. We actively work to drive the very best performance at the network level, server hardware level and server software level to ensure your site loads reliably and at lightening speed.

Some of the popular applications that will run ‘out of the box’ at Rochen include: Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress

Start-up Business

If you are a start-up business we would design a single page website FREE when you purchase a £120.00 twelve month hosting contract, the only other cost, would be for any third-party extensions software that I would use or have to purchase.

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