Web Design

We offer a complete range of web design functions, all styled to provide the owner and user a complete and effective service.

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Web Hosting

Mightec will also host your website, you are not dealing with a one-man band, we are a reseller of a major hosting company.

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The design of a website directly influences the success of a project or business because it is an important representation of the company image.

The goals and standards of your business can be emphasized by choosing a certain layout, colour, or by the images displayed.

When design and purpose are seamless, the customer will feel comfortable – one of the main reasons why people remain on a website for a longer time.

A creative and well-composed website not only offers information and products but also presents them in an entertaining manner for the customer.

The web page templates offered by Mightec can be easily adjusted to suit your individual needs. The variations in style and purpose serve only as a basis for your own original ideas.

Start-up Business

If you are a start-up business we would design a single page website FREE when you purchase a £120.00 twelve month hosting contract, the only other cost, would be for any third-party extensions software that I would use or have to purchase.

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